Our Rides

All of our rides are tested and supplied with operators. Please allow room around the rides for people getting on and off the rides.

Build Up ride.

This is the build up ride. It is themed as thomas the tank. It has different characters on the carriages. It is approx 5m by 5m.

Build_up_1 IMG_3981 Build_up_3 Build_up_2

Swing Boats

This is the  Swing boats. With 5 boats children can have alot of fun. It is approx 9m by 4m.


Toy set

This is the toyset ride. It is full of different toys for the children to sit on as it goes round. It is approx 6m by 6m.

Toyset Toyset_1 IMG_20141107_174950012

The Fun Bus

This is the Fun Bus. It is full of softplay and fun for the children to run around in. It is approx 10m by 3m.

bus_2 IMG_20141107_174950012 IMAG2219[1] IMAG2223[1]